03 March 2010

"Life is hard on little things."

This week I lost my cat Phoebe in a pretty horrible way.

I put her in our backyard to keep her separated from our older cat Roxie. They were not getting along and Phoebe decided recently that is was okay to start peeing in the house.

She is usually fine being in the backyard but that evening she decided to leave through the gate on the side of our house. We searched for her that night and the next morning...to no avail.

I left that morning to run some errands and when I got to my first stop I noticed that there was white and grey fur coming from underneath my car. I thought Phoebe was dead at that moment and that she was still under my hood.

Jeremy, met me immediately and opened the hood. She was not underneath but there was so much hair in the engine belt! I was panicking thinking that she had fallen out when I was driving but I retraced my route and I could not find her.

I finally got home and noticed some blood on the drive way. The blood had paw marks in it so she apparently escaped.

I believe Phoebe crawled up inside my engine compartment to keep warm and she also knew my car from it being in our garage.

It has been two days now and she has not shown up at the house and the flyers that I put up throughout the neighborhood have not received a response. At this point I do not think she is still with us.

My poor sweet Phoebe. She had such a rough beginning and now this...
Such and unbelievably timid and sweet girl.
I will miss you.

If you have an outdoor cat, an indoor cat who has escaped or have cats in your neighborhood...PLEASE! PLEASE make sure before starting your car to honk the horn or "knock" on the hood. I thought this is something that never really happened but looking into this, it happens a lot. Cats can be horribly maimed and killed by engine fan belts!

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