04 May 2010

The American Dream

So, when I was five years old my mother asked me, "Dolly, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Most little girls would have said a ballerina, Strawberry Shortcake, teacher, lawyer, president (which I am sure I considered), etc. I said proudly, "I am going to own my own store!" Strange...yes but that five year old girl knew what she wanted and it seems the more I think about where I am going now, that is where I would like to end up.

America's foundation was built upon small business and the entrepreneurial spirit of it's citizens. When my ansestors arrived at Ellis Island, there was one large dream - to be granted the freedom and opportunity to persue better lives through hard work. As generations have passed, a strong work ethic has been established in my family. My dad owns his own business, my mom puts passion into everything she persues and my nana is known for her business sense and shrewdness.

The freeing idea of being my own boss, having creative liberty and knowing that the amount of work put into the entity would ultimatley determine it's success really makes me feel good. It makes me excited and ideas begin to spark like a 4th of July sparkler in my brain. This nostalgic connection to those bright eyed newly crowned Americans that coined the term, "We can do it," during World War II, makes it more deep rooted than just some "pie in the sky" idea.

So, the journey begins...write a business plan and find some funding.

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