07 April 2010

Living Life

"Every man dies; not every man truly lives."

I believe that part of being an "adult" is having to deal with emotions that as children we do not experience; emotions like fear of failure, fear of not living up to potential and insecurity within ourselves based on materialism. Looking at the people around me who are of this fearful age, it is hard to see any sense of self awareness, satisfaction or peace. We are all walking around like zombies but instead of craving a tasty brain, we are glass eyed, emotionless and craving some freedom from the fear that has turned us into these half dead creatures. FEAR being the important word.

We fear not being in the right profession, not making enough money, not being with the right person, not finding "someone," not having the right look, not having the right attitude...and the list drudges on...

All of this makes me wonder, "Is there a way to live life without fear?"

With all of the beauty, passion, wonder and magic that shows brilliance through the small things, I believe that it is possible. I think it takes believing in our abilities, trusting God and being "okay" with who we are and not hiding our true selves away.

Life goes by so quickly and why cheapen the experience with any aversion to a full and awe-inspiring affair with the world that surrounds.

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