15 April 2010

Where have you been the last 28 years!?!

First off, no, that is not me, but...

I have always loved the mystery and beauty of yoga. It is an art form to me the way that the body can lengthen and stretch becoming so flexible that positions like above are possible.

Lately, I have been attending yoga sessions at least three times a week. I have found that my head is clearer from all of the chaos and chatter and my body is getting leaner, stronger and in balance. After years of feeling down about my body, I am seeing amazing changes; not only physically but also mentally.

There is something to the quietness and the slowing down that happens during yoga. The focus is directed on your muscles and your breathing; keeping both strong. In a world that never seems to silence itself and reflect, there is yoga.

Over the next three months, I am challenging myself to follow a strict yoga and running regimen. It is my goal to practice at least 4 times a week! And after working with a close friend Julie, I am going to put my intention out there for the whole internet world to see!

Sunday: Day off or outside activity...yeah hiking!
Monday: morning run for 30 minutes and evening yoga
Tuesday: morning run for 30 minutes and evening yoga
Wednesday: morning run for 30 minutes and evening yoga
Thursday: morning run for 30 minutes and evening yoga
Friday: morning run
Saturday: morning yoga

I'm excited to see how focusing this much time on my body will pay off! I'll keep you updated and will post a picture when the top position is achieved!

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