14 May 2010

Leifsdottir - Spring 2010


Something I discovered a little late in the season but still too beautiful to ignore...

As many of you know I adore Anthropologie. I have been a devoted fan and very, very part time employee for over 5 years now and believe that they can really "do no wrong."

Last winter I heard whispers about a new line that the Urban Outfitters Corporation would be releasing. A line by the young Findland designer, Johanna Uurasjarvi.

The line turned out to be Leifsdottir. A feminine line - Johanna crafts evocative narratives from which she and her team derive inspiration.

"Leifsdottir expresses its appreciation for the past by using antique-inspired buttons and trims, in addition to old-world tailoring techniques and fabrics. Juxtaposing this are artistic, modern twists like abstract photographic prints, unexpected color combinations, and uniquely draped silhouettes and proportions. This aesthetic tension results in timeless wardrobe keepsakes that appear to be made, rather than manufactured."
~ from the Leifsdottir website

So, as I was shopping online I found a beautiful dress...a mix between a vintage Japanese kimono and a 70's summer dress. The silk fabric drapes like air around the body and the colors are clean and enticing.

This dress is apart of the Spring 2010 collection and even through the Summer 2010 line has been released there is something special about the early pieces.

A marriage of joyous light fabrics and elegant colors makes this avant garde line stand out among the typical white bohemian skirts and camel toned trench coats.

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"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."
- Steel Magnolias

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